“I can’t tell you how much I have gained from our Bible study – it’s been an amazing journey – words fail me; but God knows, and I praise him for all his grace and love.”

Elizabeth M

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"I first heard of KYB and started attending a group at Buderim Qld when I was in my twenties and not long married. I felt very inadequate when first asked to be a leader there but really enjoyed the experience and went on to lead a group which met in my mother's home in Toowoomba. Almost thirty years later my Mum still leads that group which has seen many come and go with some of the originals still there.

 My life took a new direction with a marriage breakdown and the opportunity to embark on tertiary study which led to a very busy and satisfying career. KYB no longer featured in my life but I heard a lot about it through my Mum and the ladies in her group. When my new husband and I moved to Brisbane I felt the lack of strong Christian fellowship acutely. It was then I decided I needed to seek out KYB again. What a blessing it has been. I've told people it was like a 'long cold drink of water on a hot day' to return to a place of safety and compassion where everybody seemed to have my best interests at heart. And that's what KYB has always meant for me - no judgement, no competition, just caring, loving women sharing the ups and downs of life and their love of our Lord.

 Since returning to the KYB studies I have been very impressed by the quality and scholarship of them and the extraordinary lengths the authors of the studies and then the leaders of the groups go to to help us all understand more of God's word and apply it to our lives. The dedication of all involved with KYB is to be admired and I feel truly honoured that I can again participate in such a unifying Christian organisation."


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"I have been involved in KYB for a few years. I have always found the relationships which women of all ages and stages of life form in KYB to be powerful, meaningful and impacting. There is something very special about the friendships I have formed as we've studied God's word, shared our troubles and joys and prayed together. Relationships based around the study of God's word move into a deeper level and minister in a personal way. I love to connect on this deeper level; it is so much more impacting than the stuff of most boring conversations.

I also love the discipline of a daily study. It is not onerous but always thought provoking and a week never passes where I don't feel challenged."


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"I really appreciate the learning and growth spiritually I get out of KYB and often feel God using it to speak to me or encourage me.  I feel that it teaches me good fundamental biblical truth and that the homework is manageable and not overwhelming.  KYB has been a place of learning about God in my week, when the stage of life that I am in (with little kids) means that getting something out of church on a Sunday or at a life group is difficult; therefore I am still regularly encouraged."