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We have a lovely team at Head Office in Sydney! Discover the people behind the scenes at the office!  

Office & Finance Administrator

Office & Finance Administrator

Christine Mill

My role as OA involves a myriad of tasks which keeps me on my toes. From answering emails, to updating the database, preparing and designing brochures, doing the finances and answering the phone as needed — there is always variety. A large part of my role is to coordinate the production and distribution of the KYB study books each term.  

I work with and for the National Management Board ensuring all aspects of CWCI run as smoothly as possible and that all Regional Boards and Committees have what they need — whether it be promotion for events or assisting with Newsletter production so their regions are kept up to date with what is happening. 

The encouragement and prayer support we receive at Head Office is invaluable. I am thankful to God every day for working in CWCI Australia.  




Resource Administrator

Resource Administrator

Michelle White

I have been working with CWCI for 12 years as Resource Administrator. I act as receptionist and telephone operator. I take orders for KYB Studies and welcome anyone who comes to the Office.

I collect the mail and liaise with Australia Post. I invoice, pack and ship all orders, and send resources to our Distributors and Regional Boards. I also perform a quarterly stocktake of all purchasable items.

The part of my job I enjoy the most is answering the telephone and hearing about the new people joining KYB Groups. When I hear how someone has just become a Christian and is eager to study the word and how this impacts a Group I am just amazed at how God works!