About CWCI Australia

What we do

Women sharing God’s word: CWCI Australia is a worldwide Bible-based interdenominational faith ministry which began in Australia in 1957.

Today CWCI holds local events in city and country areas to offer encouragement, inspiration and Bible teaching. Know Your Bible studies are used by women meeting in small groups across Australia or studying by correspondence. CWCI also sends teams on Safaris to travel into rural, remote and isolated areas of Australia sharing the love of Jesus Christ and his teachings. 

KYB Bible Studies

Thousands of women across Australia and around the world use our high quality studies to be challenged and grow in the faith and knowledge of God and his word. We use the KYB method, which helps you engage more deeply with what the Bible is saying, all in a group setting.


Our Safari ministry began as a desire to reach out to women in regional and remote communities and encourage them. each year we send many teams around different towns and communities to help build up believers, who are often living in very isolated locations.


We hold many different events all around the country — conferences, theme evenings, teaching sessions and other events. These events are times of fun, fellowship and encouragement from other Christian women.

Melanesia ministry

We support gospel work in Melanesia, especially among women who are illiterate or have poor literacy levels. A recent initiative was to translate our KYB studies into Pidgin and record them on to MegaVoice units (highly durable MP3 players). This has resulted in many women being about to participate in studying God’s word even though they cannot read. Their stories are so encouraging to hear!