Our KYB began in 1988 and is a very diverse group of ladies both culturally and denominationally.  Over the years we have been involved in the life of the church where we meet and the local community.  One year we formed a Choir and sang “Unity in Diversity” during the Church Service and another year we led the Service to celebrate our 20th Anniversary.  We ran a Christmas Luncheon service for many years for our OpenHouse Seniors group, provided a Baby-Care Tent at a Mini Convention run by Perth North Western Committee of CWCI, organised four Coffee Evenings, three Outreach Events, a Fashion Parade and a Colour Presentation “Life in Colour” through Word, Music and Craft.  As a group we have laughed and cried together – we always keep a tissue box handy – and all of us have felt blessed to be a part of KYB. 

Since 2015 Marjan, who lives in Amsterdam, regularly visits her sister Els in Perth, and always accompanies her to our KYB group. This has added further to our diversity of backgrounds and experiences, both cultural and denominational.  In 2020 Marjan planned another visit to Perth.  Then COVID-19 struck. Her trip was cancelled!  Everyone was very disappointed. But now Marjan sends her answers by email each week and she is even more a part of our group.  After the lesson the Leader’s Notes and a summary of the discussion are emailed back to Marjan.  Everyone is very happy with this arrangement.  We even photo-shopped her into a photo to make it more real.  Can you pick her?

By the way the nationalities represented in this photo are Latvian, English, Greek, American, Dutch and Australian. 

Val, Western Region