Past studies


Each of our KYB studies have audio and print versions of the Introduction to Study to set the scene and give some background.View/Print file is an exact copy of the Audio facility.


2022, Term 3 Compelled by Christ’s love explores Paul’s life by looking at the events in the book of Acts and at Paul’s own words in the letters he wrote.…
2022, Term 2 This book is about Joshua, who led Israel after the death of Moses. But this book is even more about God who is faithful to his promises,…
2022, Term 1 KYB in its year of Jubilee starts with an inspiring look at Mark’s gospel. A fast-paced and warmly engaging historical account of the life of Jesus, Mark’s…


2021, Term 4 Intended for good – an inspiring conclusion to our four-part series on Genesis. Throughout Genesis we repeatedly see God allow impossible situations and yet find a way…


KYB 2020 Term 4 The Apostle Peter, who once famously denied Jesus, had now become a courageous, influential leader in the early church. The believers in the first century were…
2020 Term 3 Discover how the joy of the Lord strengthens believers in trials! In this study, we can look forward to being encouraged and challenge by Nehemiah's faithfulness and…
2020 Term 1 Genesis 25–36: God builds a people
2020 Term 2 We see lives being transformed by the gospel, and we will learn how the baby church is being formed and how it works through issues and opposition.…


Prayers from the Bible

October 14, 2019
2019 Term 4 Prayers from the Bible Be challenged in how you think about prayer, and be encouraged to pray to our Father in heaven!
2019 Term 3 Kings of Judah: Kingdom and covenant
2019 Term 1 Genesis 12–25: The Lord said to Abraham ...


2018 Term 4 Galatians: grace and freedom
2018 Term 3 Nahum, Habakkuk and Zephaniah: The end of evil
2018 Term 2 2 Corinthians: grace and power in weakness
2018 Term 1 Genesis 1–11: In the beginning


2017 Term 4 Solomon: kingdom and worship

The Holy Spirit

July 4, 2017
2017 Term 3 The Holy Spirit in the Old and New Testaments