Author: Robyn Sansbury, Development Director, National Management Board

CWCI Australia is committed to child safety at all ministry events.

We aim to provide a child safe and child friendly environment at any CWCI Australia ministry event, which includes Know Your Bible (KYB) groups, events and Safaris where adjunct childcare is provided.  Adjunct childcare is care provided to a child on the premises in which the meeting, event or other activity is taking place.


How do we do this?

In conjunction with ChildSafe we have established a Child Safety model based on the ChildSafe SP3 System and adapted it to make it specific for our purposes.  The ChildSafe system is built on the idea that “no one is accountable to themselves when it comes to the care of children, everyone is accountable to someone else”.


What does our Child Safety model look like?

We have adopted a Child Safety Code of Conduct to assist those who are appointed to care for any children at a CWCI Australia ministry event.  It lists behaviours that are acceptable and those that are unacceptable. It provides guidance on expected behaviour to create a safe environment.  It ensures children are protected from harm or abuse.

Everyone who is likely to connect with children at a CWCI Australia ministry event is required to agree to and sign our Code of Conduct.

We have developed a training program called Child Safety Basics.
This program outlines:

  • our appointment procedure
  • the responsibilities of those who are charged with the care of children at ministry events
  • ways to address child safety to prevent harm

Everyone who is directly involved in the care of children at CWCI Australia ministry events is required to have been through the appropriate level of Child Safety Basics.


What does our appointment procedure require?

Appointees must:

  • Hold a valid ‘Working with Children Check’ (or as appropriate for each state).
  • Complete a Child Safety Application Form (CS-2)
  • Agree to uphold the CWCI Australia Child Safety Policy (CS-0)
  • Agree to and sign the CWCI Australia Child Safety Code of Conduct (CS-1)
  • Complete CWCI Australia’s Child Safety Basics Modules as appropriate for your level of involvement.


How does our Child Safety policy work?

Each region will appoint a Child Safety Regional Coordinator to oversee Child Safety within the region. 

Childcare Leaders will be responsible for the safe planning of any adjunct childcare at CWCI Australia ministry events; caring for children and engaging suitable people to help them.

Childcare Helpers will be engaged to assist Childcare Leaders at ministry events.

CWCI Australia has appointed a Child Safety National Coordinator to provide oversight and ensure that events operate in accordance with CWCI Australia policies and procedures.

A Child Safety Risk Management Officer has been appointed by the CWCI Australia National Management Board to ensure that Child Safety policies and procedures are implemented properly and effectively.

For further information about CWCI Australia’s Child Safety Policy, or to become involved in this ministry, contact our Child Safety Risk Management Officer. 

The Risk Management Officer
PO Box 670
Phone: 02 9740 6355