Coast to Basalt- Gulf Safari, June 2021

Author: Mary Foster, CWCI Speaker

Have you ever wondered what two ladies say to each other as they sit in a car for 2000km, sleep in 9 different accommodations, set up for 10 meetings and have endless cuppas with isolated and valiant woman throughout the Northern part of Australia? “Are we there yet?” “Which talk do you think I should do?” “Let’s stop to pray for her, that the Lord would truly intervene in this place.”

Jeannette Nissen (Leader) and Mary Foster (Speaker) had all those types of conversations and so many more as they travelled down the coast from Cairns, into the Tablelands and out to the dusty west of North West Queensland.

“And the numbers at this meeting will be relatively unknown,” said one to the other. “And the road ahead will be long and dusty, I’m feeling tired but so excited to see what God is doing,” said one to the other.

However, most of all they spoke of the brave and resilient people who hosted each meeting. People who were keen to hear God’s word. People who cherished times of fellowship with other Christians. “God has been so faithful on this safari and the talks seemed to just suit each unique group,” said one to the other.  “I’m delighted to share with so many indigenous women and to see what God is doing in their midst,” said one to the other with a slight tear of joy in her eye.

And finally, as the car pulled into home they spoke, not to each other, but to God. “Yet again, Oh God, you have been truly gracious to us. Your word has been powerful and refreshing for the thirsty. We thank you so much for all those you have used to make this Safari truly worthwhile.” Amen.