CWCI Australia Far West NSW, Riverland, and South Flinders SA National Safari

The Western NSW National Safari has moved across the Border into SA this year. There are still many Far West NSW towns that have said “Yes!” to National Safari team coming. There was also a firm lead to reach further west across the border. National Safaris, by definition, can do that! What a joy to be able to “crossover” after experiencing border closures during the pandemic. Borders became physical obstacles to reaching each other. Now we are delighted to say, ‘We are one and free’, and in Christ ‘We ARE One and Free’.

Image: Underground Church, South Australia

Moving over into the Riverland and South Flinders won’t be hard for our pilot David Shrimpton, as he is already familiar with this territory, being based in Broken Hill. And, even though Broken Hill is in NSW, it is part of CWCI Australia’s Southern Region.

In fact, this Safari has ended up moving in 3 different CWCI AUS regions – Southern, East Central Plains and Eastern. So, we thank God for His love of the Outback and the Border Regions which are often remote from the Capitals and treasured by their locals. They are places of identity and change. Margaret Livingstone and Bec Lanham will take great joy in sharing God’s Word and encouraging all who come to “Grow the Seed” that God has planted in their hearts – and to keep growing on to maturity.


A detailed copy of the itinerary for the Far West NSW, Riverland, and South Flinders Safari and further information about CWCI Australia’s Safari Ministry can be viewed at

Margot Stuart

Safari Director NMB