Devotional Corner

Me? Walk on water?!

There are many times and different situations in life, when we are somewhat lacking in faith. I am certain that you can easily think of examples from your own life when you should have been more trusting that God would come through. Maybe fear and uncertainty kept your mouth closed when you should have spoken out. We all have moments like these in our past.

This is nothing new. Peter, one of the disciples, was a bit like that. He denied Jesus at the very point in their relationship when Jesus needed him the most. We all know that he failed to stand up and be counted — and in his actions we see our own.

But let us not be too hard on Peter. There were times when his ‘other side’ surprises us. Matthew shows us Peter in a different light. The disciples are on the rough sea. Jesus comes walking on the water. Peter calls and says “Lord! If it really is you, tell me to come to you on the water”. Perhaps this could be referred to as Peter’s most impulsive moment ever. He was prepared to walk on water! (See Matthew 14:22ff)

Jesus calls “Come” — and Peter comes! Yes, that’s right, Peter actually walked on water. Sure a few moments later fear took over and he started to sink but for those moments Peter obeyed and participated in a miracle. Just think about it, eleven disciples are still sitting in the boat, and Peter is the only one who has actually stepped over the side and is walking on the water! What an example Peter sets us here.

How many times has Jesus called any one of us to “come … do this for me” or “go there for me” or “go pray with this friend”, and we have responded with excuses. We are like the eleven disciples who stayed in the boat being buffeted by the waves.

I would like to challenge you to follow Peter’s example “Step out of the boat — and walk on the water”. Not just “Okay Lord, I’ll put my foot on the water and hang onto the boat to see if it works.” No! Respond in the same way Peter did, just get out of the boat, and start walking … on the water. Yes you might sink, but he hand is there waiting to reach out to you. With Jesus there to help us, none of us need fear the consequences. Go on! Step out of the boat …. now.

Machi Reitveld
KYB Area Coordinator, Southern Regional Board