New addition to our “History”:  Addendum to Far Beyond Expectations

Have you visited the “About” page on the CWCI Australia website and read our history?  History provides us with a sense of identity and purpose.  It gives us a greater understanding of the challenges that have been overcome. Most importantly it helps us to see God at work in the lives of those who it touches.

We’re very pleased to advise that a new article has recently been added to this collection titled “Addendum:  Far Beyond Expectations 1994-2016”.  It can be downloaded to view at

The recently added article was compiled by Adrienne Lesleighter for the 60th anniversary of CWCI ministry in 2017, detailing the growth of our ministry across Australia, Melanesia and Internationally up to that time.  Adrienne is a past President of CWCI Australia and a former KYB Production Director on the CWCI International Board.

While you are there you might like to take the opportunity to view previously added editions of Beyond Expectations and Far Beyond Expectations.  These articles detail the story of CWCI, and the International Development, as documented by Grace Collins and Jean Raddon.  You can also listen to historical recordings of Jean Raddon, the founder of Know Your Bible (KYB) studies.

Robyn Sansbury

Acting Communications Director,
CWCI Australia National Management Board