Gospel and growth: Acts 1–12
November 21, 2019

Gospel and growth: Acts 1–12

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Passage: Acts 1–12
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2020 Term 2

We see lives being transformed by the gospel, and we will learn how the baby church is being formed and how it works through issues and opposition. Discover the amazing things God does as he equips believers with the Spirit!

The Speaker of this Introduction, Marge Hanna has very kindly create some worksheets for use with the Introduction. You may like to print these off to use as you listen.

Suggestions for the use of Introductory Worksheets

For use with the recorded audio Introduction:
  • To provide a permanent record of the Introduction we have listened to
  • To provide productive occupation for eyes and hands as we listen
  • To aid concentration and retention of the content of the Introduction
  • There are two versions of the Worksheets
Introductory work notes purpose:
For use with the recorded audio Introduction:
  • For use alongside the audio Introduction for those who don’t like filling in worksheets
  • A resource for those with no on-line access, or just while we have no face-to-face groups meeting
  • View below, or download here
Using the worksheet resources:
  • These worksheets were designed to be filled in during listening to the recorded audio file.
  • They are not designed to be used to 'test' our memories at a later time.
  • View below, or download here

KYB 2020T2 GospelAndGrowthActs1 12 WorkSheets
KYB 2020T2 GospelAndGrowthActs1 12 WorkNotes


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  1. Thanks for uploading the audio and written introduction to the Acts 1-12 KYB study – great added tools to accompany the study. I’m so looking forward to re-looking at Acts 1-12, seeing how God transformed lives ‘back then’ through the gospel of Jesus and how He began building His church so that now we can be part of His church and be equiped to serve Him through His life-giving and transforming Spirit. A wonderful God-appointed and God-annointed study in these ‘strange’ times. Thank you CWCI and praise God!