Godliness and salvation: Letters of Peter
August 26, 2020

Godliness and salvation: Letters of Peter

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Passage: 1–2 Peter
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KYB 2020 Term 4

The Apostle Peter, who once famously denied Jesus, had now become a courageous, influential leader in the early church. The believers in the first century were facing both physical and spiritual dangers in persecution and false teaching. In light of this reality, how should they live as believers? What assurance did they have in Christ? What truths did they need to hold on to at all costs?

So, Peter writes to the early believers. He offers answers to these questions so believers can be certain their faith has a firm foundation in the truth.

Of course, we today also face similar trials of persecution and the dangers of false teaching. We too want to know the answers to these questions.

Peter’s letters hold timeless truths that will encourage and challenge us — and above all spur us on to godliness and living holy lives with joy.

What KYB groups are saying

“Very appropriate to what is happening in churches today as we are closer than ever to the ‘last days’. We were encouraged to be alert for false teaching and those who fail to produce the fruit expected from leaders in the church, as well as making sure we are walking in the truth.”

— Pilot Group, Western Regio

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  1. Our Friday morning group has just completed the study from Nehemiah. We decided to wait until 10 of us could meet again face-to-face, even at arm’s length apart, to re-start our study group. We all learned so much, and received so much encouragement, from Nehemiah and how he behaved in the face of many adversities and the complacency of the people of Israel, God’s people! It’s not much different to all that is happening in the world around us even today!! Nehemiah’s example is similar to the example that Jesus also gave us of turning to the Father in prayer for help and guidance in any and every situation! Amen! Amen!
    Thank you to all those involved in making these studies available!

    • Thanks for sharing such an encouraging reflection on our KYB Nehemiah Study, Glenys! We’re so glad that the study was a blessing and that your group was able to meet in person again. God bless! ❤️

  2. Monday night Kyb group have been blessed to be able to study Nehemiah and meet together each week on Zoom. Please give our grateful thanks to Sue Gleeson and all those involved with study on Nehemiah. we learnt so much about God’s enablement for each day and each problem but we need to pray about it first and then trust God and listen to his voice. Nehemiah was a wonderful example of relying on God amid oppositions and deceits and God gave him the ability to discern the situation and means to address the problems and keep faith always. Our KYB group appreciated this topical study and were challenged and encouraged as we trust God in these unusual days. Thank you and may God bless you in this ministry

    • Hi Helen, thanks so much for sharing your group’s experience with our Nehemiah study and how it has encouraged you all through these times! We praise God for how he continues to use KYB to bring blessing to so many people ❤️