CWCI Safaris reach out and connect with women living in rural and remote places. Safari mission teams encourage believers and also share the gospel message with other people who don’t yet know Jesus. 

Each Safari has a team of two women (a Speaker and a Leader) who travel out to the locations. One of the team members may also be a musical soloist, who performs at the different events and locations of the mission trip. Safari Ministry is an exciting work, where CWCI sees many women encouraged in their Christian walk, and others challenged to live closer to God.

National Safaris

National Safaris usually involve the team flying to remote towns, properties and islands around Australia. CWCI Australia networks with other Christian organisations and individuals to provide a Pilot and light aircraft to transport the team. Road transport can also be used.

Regional Safaris

Regional Safaris are run by the individual Regions. The team travels by road, and often provide access to Christian books and resources for sale.

Pray with us!

We praise God that this Safari is able to go ahead!
Please be praying with us for the safety of the team
and all women they will visit. You may like to use the Safari Itinerary to pray along with us each day.

National Safari

teams & events

Regional Safari

teams & events


How women have been touched by Safari Ministry

We really enjoyed singing to the guitar. It was very uplifting, and touched our hearts.

Absolutely amazing — the speaker has a fantastic ability to speak right to the heart of the ladies.

The speaker was led by the Spirit in choosing the right Bible passage that we needed, and it spoke to our hearts.

The Safari was a great encouragement to me.

A wonderful time of prayer and fellowship.

CWCI Safari are the only support we receive.