What’s Zoom go to do with the Bible?

Well, when the COVID-19 restrictions fell on us, I was fellowshipping with some younger women and as we shared our distresses, I felt led to invite them to do a KYB study. As we weren’t meeting face to face then, I suggested we meet on Zoom, and they loved the idea.

So, we formed a new group – KYB Zoom.

We are mainly working mums with school aged children and single, working women, all feeling the need to be closer to Jesus. We even have a girl working in remote Qld who joins in with us. We meet online on Tuesday evening, 7-9 pm and the ladies are finding much comfort in being able to fellowship in the Word together, learn more about Jesus and our faith and pray for each other.

Though Zoom isn’t the same as meeting face to face, the platform works well for these working women with families, and in remote locations. We use a ‘What’s App’ chat to keep in touch and meet once a month to share over coffee. That’s been so lovely.

We’re learning to share our hearts and our truth with each other in our Zoom meetings, in spite of the limitations, and I believe we are truly blessed.


KYB Administrator, Tropical Region

If you’ve been using Zoom for KYB, how have you been encouraged? Share in the comments below!