Child Safety Policy

CWCI Australia is committed to providing a child safe and child-friendly environment in accordance with our Child Safety Policy. Our policy can be downloaded or viewed below.

Code of Conduct

CWCI Australia is committed to a standard of responsible and ethical behaviour that brings honour and glory to God. Our code is underpinned by trust and a belief that everyone should be treated with respect and dignity.

Privacy Policy

Open and transparent management of personal information.

Complaints Handling Policy

Christian Women Communicating Intl in Australia (CWCI Australia) is committed to efficient, effective and ethical programs and services that serve our clients. CWCI Australia understands the value of an effective complaints policy and procedure in improving services and uncovering wrongdoing.


CWCI International

The International Board manages the production process of our KYB study books for distribution by CWCI Australia. CWCI IB is also beginning undertaking the production process of Easy English editions of KYB studies.

CWCI New Zealand

CWCI NZ is the New Zealand counterpart to CWCI Australia. About 10 years after its beginnings in Australia, CWCI was established in New Zealand in 1968. A non-denominational and now an international organisation, it has touched the lives of thousands of women throughout the world through a variety of activities. The New Zealand Board overseas CWCI ministry in Fiji.

Know Your Bible United Kingdom

Know Your Bible UK is the United Kingdom counterpart to CWCI Australia. The UK Board has responsibility to support the work of Know Your Bible both in the UK and in Europe. A particular focus of our work is translating KYB material into different languages to make the Bible accessible to women in Eastern Europe.


CWCI Australia is registered as a Charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission. An overview of the organisation including:

  • Annual Information Statements
  • Financial Reports
  • National Management Board personnel, and
  • History of the organisation

are available on the ACNC website (https://www.acnc.gov.au)