We are so pleased that you are considering this on-line option to make a gift. Your financial support of the ministries of CWCI is very much appreciated. Thank you so much for partnering with us.

Once you have made your donation you will shortly receive PayPal confirmation via email, which will effectively be a receipt.

Please note that these donations are NOT tax deductible and no other receipt will be issued.


KYB study book orders

Please do not use PayPal for KYB study book orders. All KYB books are to be ordered and paid for using the Order Form provided with books. All late orders should be placed directly through Head Office. Thank you.


This provides for administrative costs and the ongoing maintenance of Head Office.

KYB Australia

CWCI Australia is responsible for the printing and distribution of all KYB Study books required in Australia and Melanesia.


Four National Safaris are sent out each year to remote areas of Australia, with the travel being undertaken by air and road.


CWCI Australia has oversight of the CWCI/KYB ministry in Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, providing all KYB study books free of charge.

Jean Raddon Memorial Fund

This Fund was set up in memory of Jean Raddon to provide funds for CWCI ministry to women living in country regions in Australia e.g. Regional Safaris, KYB Introductory tours, or to subsidise travel costs for Speakers to remote areas.

Alice Chambers Fund

This Fund provides financial assistance for women who might otherwise be unable to attend CWCI events.