About Know Your Bible (KYB)

KYB is designed so that members engage with the Bible passage four times each week:

  1.  At home answering the daily questions
  2.  In group discussion
  3.  By the Leader’s summary after the discussion
  4.  In the printed review notes provided with each study

Some benefits of study with Know Your Bible are:

  • A daily devotional pattern is established for each person and all are nurtured by God’s word.
  • Discussion Leaders are trained and equipped for further service for God.
  • KYB Leaders are stimulated to study and become effective teachers of the Word.

KYB uses a question and answer learning method, reinforced by group discussion, summaries and review notes. We produce four KYB study books  each year, one for each term. Study Books for terms 1, 2 and 3 have nine units, and Study Book for Term 4 has five units. Each unit is broken down into daily Bible readings with questions to answer, which are completed during the week before the meeting.

When the KYB group meets, the Leader introduces the unit. The members then divide into discussion groups to share and discuss their answers to the questions. This is followed by the Leader giving a summary of the study. The members then read the review notes at home. 

Sample KYB Study

The Gospel of John: Part 1 — Unit 1

How to start a KYB group

Contact the CWCI Australia office by phone or by our contact form.

You will receive a KYB Application pack, with forms to complete and return. Once your application has been approved, your KYB Administrator will assist you in arranging your first meeting and ordering the study books. 

KYB by Correspondence

Women who are unable to join a KYB group due to physical or geographical limitations may study by correspondence. They are assigned a tutor, to whom they send their answers by mail or email. The tutor then responds with comments. There is a range of studies available. Overseas students are welcome.

KYB TOO (church or community use)

Church groups or groups with men and women have the option of purchasing KYB material from the CWCI Australia office. The Leader is sent a CWCI Statement of Beliefs before registering. These groups may order any of the studies that are in print.

For further information on any of these options, please contact CWCI Head Office.