KYB MegaVoice launches in Solomon Islands

“We are humbled when God allows us to take part in his kingdom work, and then shows us the challenges and changes that this work is bringing to people’s lives.”

In August this year, I went to help the Solomon Islands KYB Executive with two workshops they had arranged. These workshops trained gifted and willing women to use the program with other women who want to study God’s Word. I took forty pre-recorded units, trusting that God was going to use these devices in a mighty way. I was not disappointed!

One workshop was held in Honiara, the other one in a fairly remote village in the mountains of East Guadalcanal, named Katihana. It was fitting for MegaVoice to be launched from this little village. It was in this same village where about twelve years ago, the very first KYB group in the Solomon Islands was started!

When literate women read our KYB questions, they are able to leave their Bibles open before them. They can refer to the verses which helps them with their answers. Illiterate women must listen to the reading; remember what is read; hear the question; respond with the answer; and discuss as they are able. Many women have been attending KYB, but only sitting and watching the proceedings. Now, for the first time they could actually take part in the discussion. Most were shy, tentative and frightened that their answers were wrong. They often said things like “I don’t know much, I never went to school.” Satan uses this mindset to discourage them.

Much prayer and more workshops for training women are needed so that there will be more dedicated, Spirit-filled leaders to help grow these women in faith and in their knowledge of God. MegaVoice units and workshops have a cost: finance is also needed. Despite the many obstacles that need to be overcome, we praise God. There are many women ready to take up the MegaVoice work. God is already “moving mountains” in this area of great need.

In all, there were over one hundred women who came to be trained, moved by the Holy Spirit to share God’s word with their illiterate sisters. The executive, Jemimah, Lucy, Joyce and Unity K and Unity F will need to sacrificially give their time to keep the training going so that, using KYB, the women will grow as they feed on God’s word. We need to stand with them in prayer. The task is great, and the workers are just ordinary village women, serving our extraordinary God.

One woman stood out from the rest. Her name was Meltas. The difference was her happy smile, her obvious joy in the Lord during worship times, and her eagerness to join one of the role plays used for training. I want to share her story with you now to give a clearer picture of the great need that God is filling through the MegaVoice Program.

Meltas is fairly typical of many Solomon Island women. She had never been to school, so she could not read. The only way she could hear the word of God was to go to church or to sit in and listen to others at the KYB groups. Her husband had moved on with his ‘Oh-two’ and she was now on her own. ‘Oh-two’ or 02, is a Pijin expression describing a man who has found another wife. The new wife is usually a younger woman able to “give him” more children.

I asked Meltas how the MegaVoice KYB studies would help her in her walk of faith. She needed no time to think. With a huge smile, showing her single front tooth she shared how she liked … no, loved ­— to follow the Master. KYB MegaVoice would help her to hear the word of God every day. Meltas added, “When I hear the word of God, I pray about it, and it helps my life.”

Then she put her hand on my shoulder and said “Can you get me a MegaVoice just for me, one with the whole Bible on it. What you have brought here today is wonderful, and I praise the Master for it, but I would like to hear the Word every day. I can’t read, but to just hear the word makes me so happy. I see so many answers to prayer that God has given me, and yes, I would like one MegaVoice, just for me, that would be really good.”

Meltas was not the only one who spoke to me in such a positive way about MegaVoice. Please continue to pray for those women who are going to lead the groups and those who so desperately want to hear the word of God. I think we have not heard the last of MegaVoice!

Machi Rietveld

Machi does the recordings for MegaVoice 

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