Celebrating 40 years of KYB by Correspondence

Women who are unable to join a Know Your Bible (KYB) Group can do KYB studies by correspondence.  They are assigned a mentor, to whom they send their answers by mail or email.  The mentor then responds with comments.  Mentor Jay shares her experience with KYB by Correspondence. 

I have been a KYB by Correspondence mentor since 2010.  I read in a CWCI magazine that there was a need for more KYBC tutors. I had been doing KYB for 3-4 years by then, and this stirred something in me, and I made inquiries. I was assigned to an experienced tutor who took me through the book of Romans for training before receiving any students of my own.

My desire was to interact with other ladies who might not have the opportunity to meet in study groups in the way I was doing and to encourage others to study the word regularly and to help them keep accountable in their study. Also, to befriend ladies and come alongside them in their lives as I share my life with them as well.

I have been blessed to meet with so many ladies from all walks of life, with various jobs and interests and it is a blessing for me that I can be involved in someone else’s growth in the Lord.  Also, I can better understand the Word of God and His purposes for all of us as I do the studies myself. I am learning to express God’s truth clearly and simply and apply it practically to my own or my students’ situations.

So, if you are not able to go to a KYB group; when you need one-on-one study, fellowship, and prayer with a mentor; when you are hungry for the Word and are unable to satisfy this hunger, when you want guidance in studying the more obscure books in the Bible eg. from the OT and the Prophets or if you have just become a Christian and want to study the basics from KYB books like – The Good News, Jesus of Nazareth, Five Lives, Mark, Prayers from the Bible, The Holy Spirit – KYB by Correspondence may be for you!