COVID-19 (coronavirus) Update — 16 March


Update: As of 18 March 2020, the Australian government has banned non-essential gatherings of over 100 people.  

As of 15 March 2020, the Australian government has banned gatherings of over 500 people in an attempt to slow the spread of Coronavirus infection. NMB will be in touch if future government orders directly impact small/medium gatherings such as KYB groups, Events or Safaris.

In the meantime, CWCI event leaders (KYB leaders, CWCI Safari teams, CWCI event organisers, etc) are strongly urged to exercise wise and loving judgement to reduce the risk of infection at KYB, Event or Safari gatherings, and follow this advice: 


If someone is unwell OR has been in contact with others who are unwell, please ask them to stay home.

At risk

If someone is at greater risk from coronavirus because of age or pre-existing medical condition, please ask them to stay home.

KYB groups and committees are also encouraged to: 


Provide appropriate hand washing facilities

Minimise contact

Encourage people to sit a little further apart from one another and minimise bodily contact

(e.g. handshakes, embracing etc).


Cancel refreshment catering


Encourage people to BYO hand sanitisers to use at the start and end of an event, or as needed

Impact: keep updated

In light of this, CWCI event organisers may decide to alter or cancel upcoming events. Please keep up to date with any changes on our event page by clicking the button below.

Further information is available from Australian Government Department of Health

In this new and testing situation, the comfort of God’s sovereignty is immense. Remember that isolation and fear could become big issues during this time for many in our communities. It is important that where possible we maintain continuing spiritual care and encouragement with those who may find themselves cut off from others. In light of this Philippians 2:4 is especially helpful:

“Don’t lookout only for your own interest, but take an interest in others.”


In Christian Love,

 Heather Jackson,

 President, CWCI Australia