COVID-19 (coronavirus) Update — 23 March

The National Management Board (NMB) of CWCI Australia confirm their commitment to heed the advice provided by both Federal and State governments in relation to the Coronavirus pandemic. These directives are changing rapidly. Therefore, NMB strongly urges all CWCI members to be vigilant in keeping abreast of new advice. 

Given the pattern of Coronavirus in countries ahead of us in terms of infection rates, the more we can do, as soon as possible, to reduce the occurrence of transfer in the community, the better. Transfer happens most when people are in close proximity to one another. Out of love for our communities, there is good reason to suspend non-essential activities now. 

Therefore, in the interests of health and safety, and to comply with the spirit of current National Cabinet directives, National Management Board directs all CWCI events to be cancelled and all ‘in person’ Regional Board / Committee meetings and KYB group meetings to be cancelled or put on hold from 23 March 2020 until further notice. 

National Management Board have cancelled all 2020 National Conferences planned for May and July and the Tasman, Kimberley and NW Qld National safaris. The WA September National Safari is on hold. 

On a brighter note — necessity is the mother of invention. Many KYB groups are already changing the way they ‘meet’ by experimenting with tele-conferencing, setting up private Facebook pages for discussion, initiating weekly phone calls between members for pastoral care, etc. We warmly encourage KYB leaders to do all they can to keep their group members in touch with God’s word and with each other, so that all may continue to grow in Christ through sharing the Bible during the challenging days ahead.

KYB Groups

Any ‘in person’ meetings are cancelled from 23 March until further notice.

However, we warmly encourage groups to consider how they can continue to encourage and fellowship with one another by ‘meeting’ remotely via technology.


Are cancelled or put on hold from 23 March until further notice. Keep up to date via Event page for details. 

All CWCI Events

Are cancelled from 23 March until further notice.

Regional Boards & Committees

All ‘in person’ meetings are cancelled from 23 March until further notice.

However, we warmly encourage Boards and Committees to consider how they can ‘meet’ remotely  via technology.

In this new and testing situation, the comfort of God’s sovereignty is immense. Remember that isolation and fear could become big issues during this time for many in our communities. It is important that where possible we maintain continuing spiritual care and encouragement with those who may find themselves cut off from others. In light of this Philippians 2:4 is especially helpful:

“Don’t lookout only for your own interest, but take an interest in others.”


In Christian Love,

 Heather Jackson,

 President, CWCI Australia