Celebrating 40 years of KYB by Correspondence

This year, as CWCI Australia celebrates 40 years of KYB by Correspondence, we are regularly sharing stories from women who do KYB C studies.  This month we hear from Leane, a student, and Holly, a mentor.  We hope you enjoy reading their stories.  If you are interested in finding out how you can do KYB studies by Correspondence, please contact the CWCI Australia Head Office via our website contact form.  Our friendly office staff will respond to you as soon as possible.

Leane writes:

When I was living on the Sunshine Coast, I attended a KYB Course which would have been about 20 years ago for a term, and I enjoyed it immensely.  I am now living in Tasmania and the community I am living in does not have any Bible Studies and felt something was missing, and I thought I would love to do something that would take me through the Bible.

After attending a term with KYB and hearing about it on and off over the years, I decided I would follow up with KYB on the Internet and found I could do KYBC and have now been a student for approximately 16 months and loving every minute of it.

The difference KYBC has made is that I enjoy taking time out in the day to sit and read the sections I am studying from and reading the Bible.  It is making me look at each book of the bible in a different way.  My tutors are wonderful in giving me very positive feedback.

The reason I would encourage a friend or someone I know to read the bible with KYBC is that you learn so much from the study and gives you something to really think about and do in your own life.


Holly writes:

I first found out about KYBC through a small advertisement in CWCI BOND magazine, asking for tutors to volunteer.

I had just finished some theological/ministry studies and I was wondering how I could best use my recent experience of delving into the Scriptures in a new way to benefit others. I was already taking a study group in my local KYB group but felt I could do more. Being a person who relates to people better on a one-to-one basis I thought KYBC would suit me well.

It has opened a whole new world of fellowship and learning with other tutor/mentors and coordinators, albeit over zoom meetings. I’ve also learned how to share myself pastorally and how to communicate clearly in a written way as I have responded to students’ answers and questions.

I think KYBC can provide good one-to-one support for anyone in a variety of situations where they feel isolated (living in remote areas or socially or emotionally isolated). It could also be the answer for someone whose life is in a season such that it is difficult to get to a local group because of illness, work schedules, or caring for small children and relatives because although the studies are structured, the timeframes are flexible. If a person is looking for a mentor with whom they can build a Bible based friendship and “do life” with, then KYBC could be a solution. Also, if you had questions that you wanted to explore in more depth with another Christian woman then your KYBC mentor might be the right person.

Leane and Holly