When faith overcomes fear

God was gracious and truly blessed the 45 ladies who gathered for the “Faith and not Fear” Bible Teach-in held on Saturday 31st October, 2020, at the Baptist Church, Mudgee. The host, Cudgegong Committee, wanted to help ladies to come together to worship God — especially during these times of restrictions when encouragement and faith building are needed more than ever.

Carolyn, our speaker, gave a truly inspiring testimony about the value of KYB studies in her life. She likened it to a sanctuary where she could go each week, shutting the door on the world and instead turning to God’s word, seeking his guidance and growing in knowledge of him. 

Each lady brings a gift to the KYB study group, Carolyn pointed out. As we each share ideas and experiences, these add richly to the unity of spirit.  Carolyn also shared with us how her teenage son Jarrod had experienced a tragic accident two years ago and he was now a paraplegic. But this has not stopped Jarrod: he has just finished his first year at Wollongong University!

KYB Admin Ann began her talk by pointing out that fear can be positive as well as negative. The fear (awe, reverence, honour) of God is good and what he commands us to do. But negative fear — the fear of everything else — is the result of putting ourselves in control. This pulls us away from God.  Sin lies at the root of fear.

Did you know that the Bible contains 365 “Fear Not” expressions?  God does not want us to be ruled by fear!

“So do not fear, for I am with you, do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” — Isaiah 41:10

Knowing the greatness of God will increase our faith and our fearlessness. (You might like to also read Psalms 103 and 104 and Job 38–41.)

 After about 15 minutes Ann handed out lollies … these were to keep us awake, she said! But nobody was asleep — her lively anecdotes about the perils of life on the farm years ago kept us on the edge of our seats. 

After lunch we stayed at our tables and had a workshop. This was also to keep us awake, because just after lunch is the danger time for falling asleep, Ann said). Each table was given a different scenario from the Bible to solve. We shared our answers, and Ann used these answers to conclude her talk. 

Thank you to everyone involved in running this encouraging event! 


Vice-Chairman Prayer, East Central Plains Region

Has there been a time in your life when God, through his word or other believers, has reassured or encouraged you not to fear? Share in the comments below!