KYB for Term 3, 2020

Our upcoming study for Term 3 this year is Faith and perseverance under pressure: Nehemiah written by Sue Gleeson.

The Jews are newly returned from exile in Babylon — but they are still ruled by Persia. Jerusalem still lies in ruins from its defeat almost 150 years before. And while rebuilding had begun, political pressures had stopped the work. It was a tragic and discouraging situation.

But then God raised up Nehemiah, and sent him to rebuild Jerusalem. He would face incredible dangers and challenges on every side. How did he deal with them? What can we learn today from Nehemiah’s example of faith and perseverance under great pressure? Discover what God has to teach us through Nehemiah in your KYB groups for Term 3!

What did our pilot groups think of this KYB study?

Nehemiah has been a great book to study … enabled good discussion, a background to the era & the strength of godliness shown by Nehemiah …

“Sue has brought out Nehemiah’s strength, confidence & trust in God, although he lived in a land where God was not acknowledged & through adverse times.” 

2019 Pilot Group

2020 Term 3 Discover how the joy of the Lord strengthens believers in trials! In this study, we can look forward to being encouraged and challenge by Nehemiah's faithfulness and…