God at work in Harbour region

Author: Tracey Mercer, Harbour Regional Board

Events in the Harbour Region

Committees in the Harbour region have been very busy this year planning 18 events. These include:

    • 8 KYB introductions
    • 4 outreach events
    • 3 encouragement events – one online and two High Teas
    • 2 Bible-teaching conferences – E3 at Stanwell Tops and the Blue Mountains 46th Annual Convention

It has been exciting to hear how God is blessing women in the region.


One lady said: “We were so encouraged by Chris Quirk’s introduction to Mark. Her teaching and enthusing us to really get to know Jesus and be excited by the book of Mark; and her use of the map of the area where Jesus walked and lived was very helpful and we really felt like we were there.”


Another lady said: “I was blown away by Beth Worley’s insight into the life of Elijah at the Blue Mountains Convention. I didn’t know much about Elijah. The story of the Widow of Zarephath in 1 Kings 7-24 has taught me that trustful obedience in our Lord Jesus Christ and the word of God is the way to life. God spoke and Elijah obeyed. May I learn to do the same.”


Testimonies such as these are so encouraging. Since Covid I have found it difficult at times to ‘get going again’ but when I hear these amazing testimonies and see ‘God at work’ in the hearts and lives of women, it makes being obedient to the will of God so much easier. In Matthew 28: 19-20 God gives us the great commission “go and make disciples of all nations …. teaching them to obey all I have commanded you.” This is our purpose in holding these events. It is wonderful see God at work.


Tracey Mercer