King over all the Earth


The coronation of King Charles III took place on 6 May. King Charles is the new British monarch, but he also reigns as figurehead over fourteen Commonwealth countries, including Australia. So his reign extends over approximately 7.5% of all the nations on earth. And one day his reign will end, just as Queen Elizabeth’s did before him. By contrast, our great God is King over all the earth and his reign will never end.

This devotion is intended to complement the 2023 CWCI Prayer for the Nation program being held throughout May.

Read Psalm 47:1-4


  • This psalm is by the Sons of Korah. Who is being addressed in verse 1? What are they being asked to do?
  • How is God described in verse 2?
  • What do verses 3 and 4 also tell us about God? Can you think of some examples of God doing the things mentioned in these verses? (eg. God rescuing his people from slavery in Egypt.)

There is a time for songs of quiet reflection, but this is definitely not one of them. The mood of this psalm is one of jubilant praise! Singing, hand clapping and shouting! But why this loud, joyful celebration? It is because the Lord most High, the awesome one, is the great King over all the earth! He has conquered nations and chosen an inheritance for his people. Read about the inheritance for Christian believers in 1 Peter 1:3-5.

Read Psalm 47:5-7


  • What does verse 5 tell us that God has done?
  • How are we to respond to this great truth? (verses 6 and 7)

Here we have a picture of God ascending with shouts of joy to his royal throne in heaven. This is accompanied by the sound of a trumpet call, the signal of victory. For Christians, this is also a clear reminder of Jesus coming down to earth, then 40 days after his death and resurrection, ascending victoriously to the right hand of his Father. See Ephesians 4:9-10.

Read Psalm 47:8-9


  • What two truths are declared about God in verse 8?
  • Read Galatians 3:7-9. What do these verses tell us about ‘the people of the God of Abraham’ mentioned in verse 9?

God is now seated on his holy throne and is reigning over all the nations. One day all God’s people will sing with great joy as they see how God has saved people from every nation by his grace. This was first promised to Abraham and is fulfilled in Christ, so those who are in Christ can sing joyful praises right now!

Something to think and pray about

Re-read Psalm 47. How will you respond to the one who is King over all the earth? Will you bow down before him and acknowledge his right to rule your life? Will you sing songs of joyful praise? Will you prayerfully invite others to come to the awesome King, who has included people from every nation in his plan of salvation?

Plenty to sing about (you may even like to clap your hands as you sing!)

Jesus Shall Reign (Watts, Getty); Ancient of Days (City Alight); Clap Your Hands (Jason Silver); Come People of the Risen King (Getty and Townend); Crown Him with Many Crowns /Majesty (James Phillipps).