I’m a bit of a KYB baby. Not in the sense that I’m new to the Bible study, not at all. In fact, I’ve been attending a KYB study for over five or six years now. No, rather I’m a KYB baby because I was basically born into the KYB family. My mother was part of a group, and from the second I was born I was covered in the prayers of a group of KYB sisters. I saw the importance my mother placed on those studies, and the encouragement she gleaned from the other women in the group.


When severe ill health forced me to move back home, I found myself considering the unthinkable – maybe I should join my mother’s Bible study group. My mother and I are not very alike. She is conservative and stays within the lines, I am radical and kick out the sides of every box I’m placed in. But two things we have in common are our strong faith in God, and our respect for solid Bible teaching. I knew that KYB honoured both, so I knew it was the right choice for me.


In the years following, I have grown in my faith, in my Bible knowledge, and in the relationships I have with the other women in my group. I’m the youngest member of our group by far, but I’ve always believed that there’s no age limit on friendship, and that is absolutely true in our KYB group. I love having vibrant and invigorating discussions in a safe environment, where we know it’s a place of love and respect, regardless of whether we disagree or not.


I love the way the KYB studies lead our journey through Scriptures, giving us a tour guide while still letting us do our own adventuring. I love knowing the studies are based in Scripture, relying on a thorough reading of the passages rather than on an abundance of commentaries and extraneous studies. I love that the studies force me to reread Scriptures I thought I knew, and to ask myself questions I never have.


When we were preparing to hold our 50th Anniversary celebrations for KYB, I put my heart and soul into writing a song that expressed how I felt about this extraordinary ministry. I wasn’t able to perform it at the celebration event as I contracted Covid, but I tried my hand at home recording so that I could still share my song with other KYB-appreciators. I hope my words will resonate with other people who have attended KYB studies, and who have felt God working through them, strengthening their faith and growing this sisterhood.

Natalie Tyler