A way to explore Christian faith!

I first attended KYB back in the early 1980’s in Kaniva. I was on the local CWCI committee when I had heard about this new method of Bible study. Some interested ladies began a group which continued for many years.

When we retired to Ballarat in 2011, I was looking for a group to join and my nearby neighbour invited me to go with her to one of the Ballarat groups. This was great.

 I wanted to join a group in my new area because I have learnt a lot from the studies that I have done over the years. Joining a KYB group is a good way to make likeminded friends and it didn’t take long to feel at home in the group.  I also enjoy the fellowship and sharing with ladies from many varied backgrounds as we discuss the questions together. It is amazing how often another lady will make a comment that shines a new light that I hadn’t seen before even on a familiar passage.

KYB has made a huge difference in my life over many years as I am always learning something new and growing in my relationship with God and Jesus. The KYB method keeps me disciplined to read a passage of Scripture each day and I often see something new as we discuss the questions together. Doing KYB  has encouraged me to study the Old Testament as well as the New Testament and that has helped me to understand how scripture as a whole fits together. It is one continuous story of God’s love and desire for relationship with his people. But KYB does more than increase my knowledge of the Bible. It encourages me to put into practice what I learn so that has had an impact on every aspect of my Christian life. I have found encouragement in difficult times, challenges in my day to day walk with God, direction when facing important decisions and so much more.

I encourage friends to study the Bible with KYB because they will find a group of friendly people who will welcome them regardless of their knowledge of the Bible or Christian experience. KYB is a perfect way to explore what the Christian faith is all about in a comfortable and non-confronting way. Regardless of how long one has been a believer there is always something new to discover or be challenged by as we open God’s word together and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to us individually. Whether a person is looking for a systematic way to study the Bible or just a group of friendly ladies to explore faith with, KYB is ideal!

Judith, VIC