KYB – Jesus ravished my heart!

I first heard about KYB during announcements at church.   


I’d been attending church for 50 years but had only recently met Jesus! He had ravished my heart, taken me over and become Lord of my life.  Prior to this, I wasn’t thirsty for His word and a lot of it didn’t make sense. After my new birth, I couldn’t get enough of it. God was speaking to me through the Bible and I wanted to study it & understand it at a deeper level.  I also wanted sound, reliable teaching – KYB ticked all my boxes.  


I instantly connected with our group and love sharing our different answers and perspectives. We are from very diverse backgrounds which makes it even better.  The format of the study guides allows for varying answers from deep theological perspectives to simplistic answers from new believers. KYB encourages us to apply the word to our lives and to share personally how we do this.  It fosters accountability as well as relationship. I have learned so much about God, others, myself and the world through KYB. My KYB group are like family to me and I love doing life with them. We laugh together and cry together. I am so grateful for KYB and I absolutely love it. 


KYB is a fantastic way to read and study the bible. It’s fun, not onerous, sound and very affordable.  I highly recommend it to others.

Deb, NSW