KYB Outback

Author: Lyn Litchfield

Can you imagine what it’s like being part of a KYB Group while living on a remote cattle station? Lyn shares her story.

Growing up in Sunday school set me up for a life of using the Lord’s Prayer most days and if life got real hectic, I added Psalm 23. I’m a bush nurse and live on an outback sheep and cattle station so I can rattle these prayers off pretty quickly in the exciting country life our family leads.

I love to ride. Horses have always been in my life. Dad cleared our Mallee farm with Clydesdale horses and huge pine logs. I married a cowboy from the outback of Australia. A horse loving friend I met on School of the Air where our children were learning primary school, invited me to a Parrelli demonstration. It was amazing horsemanship focusing on love, language and leadership. A clinic on this more natural way of horse handling led me to starting my own colts, even though I was a mature woman.

Parrelli said ‘do yoga exercises if you want to ride well into your old age.’ I started yoga with a DVD, which introduced me to meditation on God’s love, joy, His beautiful creation and divine plan. One night while in bed, I heard a voice say ‘You are a Christian, read the Bible’. I bought a Bible and started reading.

During a stressful drought, I ordered Foxtel Satellite TV for my husband to relax in front of the cricket. I found the Christian channel and Kenneth and Gloria Copeland. What a blessing to study with them. I was able to lead my dear sister Karen to the Lord. Karen was baptised in her family swimming pool at Cleve and joined KYB. Karen invited me to a KYB meeting of gentle caring friends, singing, praying and sharing the Bible together.

Just this year it occurred to me maybe they have KYB on the air, like the bush kids did school. Yes, praise the Lord, my email connected me with Jen our amazing KYB leader. Now on Discord I have a gentle caring group of friends, praying and walking through the Bible together, from my little outback homestead. We share a spiritual journey as the study and reflections on the word encourage us to discuss the KYB thought provoking questions. We illuminate our fears and love. We are ploughing the soil of our hearts with the Word. We are planting seed in this good soil.

John 6:63 says “The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you – they are full of the Spirit and life.” Thank you KYB.

Lyn Litchfield