It was like coming home….

I will never forget the feeling of the very first KYB meeting I attended. I arrived at the church, a little nervous, not knowing a single person present.  It also happened to be the first KYB meeting of a new year, but it seemed more like a special family reunion than any ladies group I have ever been to.

My apprehension was quickly forgotten as I witnessed God’s love in action. Not one lady was left out as the room filled with joyful catching up, hugging, and genuine care as everyone eagerly collected their new KYB study book. There was no mistaking the sense of excitement as these godly women came together with a common purpose; to share and study God’s word together.

It was like coming home! I knew instantly that this was a safe place. A place to grow in God, to share triumphs and struggles, to step out of my comfort zone without judgement or fear of criticism.

Well, that was 20 years ago, and I still get excited as every new KYB study is received. What treasure will we uncover in God’s Word? What ‘aha moments’ will we discuss together? How will God challenge us in our spiritual walk?

KYB has become more than just a ladies group for me. It has provided a consistent discipline and focus for my faith journey. As we travel through the scriptures, I fall more in love with Jesus and understand more the character of our great God.

What a bonus to experience His love in action through the beautiful women he has brought together!

Renae, Rowville, Vic