Prayer for the Nation: Repentance and Renewal

Traditionally May is the month when our CWCI family prays for our nation. This year’s Prayer for the Nation programme was written at the end of January, when we were all still reeling from the devastating impact of the bushfires, drought and floods across our land. Never could we have imagined the extraordinary events that would follow. But God knew what was to come; and so more than ever it is vital that we keep praying for Repentance and Renewal across our land.

The cover picture on the programme was chosen because banksia cones are completely sealed with resin. The heat of a fire must melt this resin before the banksia seeds are released. Only then can new plants start to germinate and grow.

Please pray that God will melt many hearts in repentance across our nation, releasing seeds that will grow into a great harvest of renewal for the Lord.

Pray individually or with others — by whatever means you can. Check out our 2020 Prayer for the Nation guide below.

Chris Keith,

Vice-President Prayer, CWCI Australia