CWCI Australia response to flood emergencies, March 2022

The catastrophic flooding across Queensland and NSW has impacted the lives of CWCI community members. While CWCI Australia is not a first responder in times of natural disaster, we have a deep desire to support those whose lives, properties or communities are being impacted.

In the face of such great need we encourage our CWCI family to Pray — Ask — Give.



Please pray: for ongoing protection of life and property, for those who are cleaning up following disastrous personal and community impact, for people and communities facing loss, isolation, lack of services, infrastructure and resources, for our government and political representatives to make wise decisions both in the immediate and in the long term.



CWCI Australia will replace, free of charge, any KYB books lost or damaged due to the impact of these emergencies.  Please contact the CWCI Head Office directly for replacement books on 02 97406355.



Please give, as you are able, to Flood Appeals, such as those established by Christian Aid Organisations or your local church/denomination.

Keep in touch with your local CWCI family. Local contacts are often in the best position to assess where practical help is needed. Remember the CWCI Alice Chambers Fund provides financial assistance for women who might otherwise be unable to attend CWCI events. Please contact Head Office for more information.

We are blessed to know that there is always hope through our Lord Jesus, who promises to be with us through all things. Keeping hold of this during such overwhelming situations can bring peace, comfort and hope.


CWCI Australia
National Management Board