The Day of the Lord


Forty days after Jesus’ resurrection, he was taken in the clouds, back to his Father in heaven (Acts 1:9-11). But throughout the Scriptures there is the promise that one day he will return, taking believers to be with him forever, and bringing about God’s final judgement. In the second letter of Peter, the Apostle is writing to warn believers not listen to the false teachers who are trying to win them away from Christ. Peter is anxious to correct the wrong ideas that these false teachers are spreading about the day of the Lord. It is a letter that is very relevant for us today.

Read 2 Peter 3:1-7


    • Peter says in verse 1 he is writing to stimulate the believers to wholesome thinking. In verse 2 he says he wants them to recall the words spoken in the past. Where do we find these words and why is it so important to remember them?
    • What do verses 3 and 4 tell us about the tactics of the false teachers?
    • What example does Peter use in verses 5-7 to remind his readers that future judgement is certain?

    Have you noticed how those who have no firm basis for their arguments often turn to scoffing and ridicule instead? The false teachers are taunting the believers: “You say Jesus is going to return – well when is this going to happen?” But Peter tells his readers to remember Noah and the flood. People scoffed at Noah and his building of the ark, but the judgement of the flood came as promised, destroying the whole world God had created. In the same way, the final day of judgement is also certain. So hold firmly to God promises – they never fail.

    Read 2 Peter 3:8-10


    • What are the believers not to forget about the Lord’s timing? (v 8)
    • What do you understand about the character of God from verse 9?
    • What will happen when the day of the Lord comes? (v 10)

    How patient and loving is our God! He will keep his promise. Christ’s return is certain. The day of the Lord will come. While we wait, we are to keep sharing the gospel so that many might come to repentance and faith.

    Read 2 Peter 3:11-18


    • How does Peter answer his own question in verse 11? How is this reiterated in verses 14?
    • What has God promised will happen when the day of the Lord comes? (v 13)
    • Verse 17 tells to be on our guard against false teaching. What does verse 18 say our aim as believers should be? Think about some ways we can do this.

    Peter is telling believers that because judgement is certain, then we should live holy lives. In this way our lives will begin to reflect life in the Kingdom of God – which will be finally and fully established when Christ returns.

    Something to think and pray about

    Read Revelation 21:1-4. One day, Jesus will return and all evil will be judged and punished and all its effects wiped away. Everything will be made new, including God’s people! And God will dwell with us in his perfect creation for all eternity. That is a promise that should motivate us and every generation of believers to be faithful to Jesus as we wait for his return.

    Something to sing about

    Hymn of Heaven (Phil Wickham); At the Name of Jesus (Camberwell); The Lord Almighty Reigns (Getty Music).