Celebrating 40 years of KYB by Correspondence

When a student commences KYB by Correspondence they are allocated a mentor to assist them with their studies.  Mentors play a vital role in affirming and encouraging students.


Mentor Jeanette writes …

I have been involved with KYB face to face groups for about 30 years … both as a member and leading for about 15 years. I was also an KYB Area Coordinator for about 7 years.

Throughout this time, I had heard of ladies who had done KYB by Correspondence at some stage, and what a blessing it had been to them in their limited or isolated season.

When I finished as a KYB Area Coordinator, because of more responsibility at home, I felt led to investigate KYB by Correspondence as a way of doing more than just leading my face-to-face group, which I love to do. I didn’t know much about the workings at all, so it was all new. My KYB by Correspondence training mentor was wonderfully patient with me in the early learning journey of my computer illiteracy.

I was finally ready to start with my first students.  I can only say, what a joy, what a blessing. The one-on-one facetime on Messenger every week is a wonderful time of learning, fellowship and friendship for us both. Because I lead a group as well, I find doing this reinforces God’s truth in my mind and heart. So KYB by Correspondence is a blessing to my student and myself. Also, I can be a prayer support and encouragement as my student grows in the Lord and through life’s ups and downs.

I would encourage anyone who wants to learn the Bible and grow in the Lord to try KYB by Correspondence. If unable for any reason to not be able to connect with a group, this is a wonderful alternative. Whether it be just for a season or permanently. We will always be blessed whenever we study His living word. As a leader, I see my KYB by Correspondence ladies as an extension of my KYB group, all to be loved and nurtured as sisters in Christ.

Student Kerryn writes …

I first heard of KYB by Correspondence through an advertisement around 2015. I was not feeling totally comfortable in the KYB group I was attending, so I was looking for a way to do my own bible studies, and not have to try and keep up with the pressure of doing the study within a fortnight timeframe.

How has KYB by Correspondence made a difference to my life?  Well, that’s a long story, but the short story is that it’s really refreshing to do Bible study in your own time, so that you can learn about what God is saying to you in His Word between you and Him only!  The booklets that get sent to you for KYB by Correspondence are the same type of booklets that are used in KYB groups.

I find the studies stimulating as I learn a lot when doing them on my own.  Also, when I have forgotten about them for a while, then I’ll dig them back out again and see what I learnt in the past from what I’ve studied in such books as Proverbs, Revelation, or Psalms even!

I love it, as it gives me the flexibility that I need to do these studies in my own time, and then when I’m done, I email my answers to my mentor as a document. That’s what’s so good about it!  You can even ask your mentor to pray for you when you’ve got concerns about things in your life, and you know that you can trust her 100% with your privacy!  You also know that your prayers go into God’s hands for Him to help you with your concerns or whatever your circumstances maybe at the time!

Jeanette and Kerryn