Celebrating 40 years of KYB by Correspondence

Imagine that after 25 years of living in the inner city your husband accepts an offer to go and work in a completely different area of Australia.  You leave all your friends behind, and nothing is familiar to where you are.  All routines have been disrupted, including your own spiritual disciplines.

Enter KYB by Correspondence.  No need to find a group and have to travel kilometres, at night, in a strange, unfamiliar area, leading to extra stress and anxiety.  You can have your own mentor with whom to study the bible – by correspondence.  No pressure to do a weekly study, work at your own pace as diligently as you can, send your answers to your mentor and hear back from them what their thoughts are on the same passage.

That was my story 26 years ago.  Since then, I have studied with a mentor and then become a mentor.  I have done studies by snail mail, by email and via zoom.  I love the fact that doing the studies helps me to be regular in my own study of God’s word. They give me the opportunity to learn what other sisters may think as well as to pray for them as they share bits of their life with me and to hear that they too are praying for me. I am always encouraged when I see them wrestle with some of the harder truths of God’s word and submit to His teaching.  It is a privilege and a joy to share another’s journey.  I think I would have floundered in a spiritual desert for a long time if I hadn’t been told about KYB by Correspondence.  I need routine to help me function, and weekly studies help me to be faithful and consistent in listening to what God has to say.

Whether you are isolated, living in rural outback Australia, or living in an inner suburb of a major city, if you can’t easily get to a bible study group, consider studying KYB by correspondence.  No judgement and lots of support.