CWCI Australia Melanesia Director—recent visit to the Solomon Islands

We appreciate the many women who pray regularly for the ministry of CWCI Australia across Melanesia.  Our Melanesia Director, Joan Gordon, has shared a personal reflection on her recent visit to Honiara. A quick 3-hour flight brings Machi and I to Honiara on the island of Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands.   It’s HOT, and the roads are FULL of potholes!  Central market shows me fruit I’ve never seen before, and the pineapples are a foot tall – and delicious! We’ve come to Honiara to meet with our local executive and offer KYB training to Church of Melanesia ladies.  We meet Rosemary Sahu, President of the Provincial Mothers Union of Church of Melanesia, about this.   We reached an agreement, then the next day delivered KYB study and leaders’ books along with KYB 50th birthday anniversary tote bags and pens.  We’ve been so blessed by this meeting. After lunch we had a fun meeting with the executives – Lucy, Joyce, and Unity.  Jemimah and Unity are away on training trips.  They assure us they are willing to workshop with women from other churches in KYB method.    We also meet with Paul Nelson at SITAG and Florence Naesol of South Seas Evangelical church (SSEC) regarding KYB books, translation, printing, and study. Image: Lucy, Joan, Joyce, Unity and Machi in Honiara A banquet at Lucy Wano’s home, with a whole fish, chicken cooked on hot rocks, cassava pudding, potatoes and salad made me wonder where the other 10 people are who could do this feast justice. Good Friday sees me catching a plane back to Australia.  My fan has been working overtime, and my water bottle constantly needs topping up, yet when I fly back to Melbourne, I’m glad of my jacket. Perhaps after reading this reflection, you would like to hear more about Joan’s trip to Melanesia?  Then read more in our Bond Newsletter. The Spring edition of the Bond Newsletter will be available at the beginning of September 2023.  In the News section you can read Joan’s “Solomon Islands Trip Diary” as well as many other interesting articles about current happenings in CWCI across Australia. Joan Gordon Melanesia Director, CWCI Australia