God works in an amazing way through a KYBC connection

How could it happen that today I had coffee in Bundaberg with my KYB by Correspondence student from Texas, USA?  It comes about as the result of a truly amazing story. For several years I was the KYBC tutor of a lady I shall call “Sue”. Sue lived in Texas, USA and knew about KYB because she had lived in Australia with her Australian husband at some time.  During that time in Australia, Sue lived in Hervey Bay, Queensland, and it was there that Sue was introduced to KYB, having attended one of the KYB groups in Hervey Bay.   In 2012 Sue and her husband returned to Texas, USA.  During the 4 years that Sue was in the States, she missed the KYB studies. She missed the blessing of the women in her KYB group as well as the challenge of the studies which had influenced her growth as a Christian woman. Before long, Sue contacted CWCI Australia, and subsequently the Know Your Bible Correspondence team arranged a study for her to do and found her a tutor.  That is how I ‘met’ Sue. I became her KYBC tutor.  So, the KYBC studies flew back and forth via email between Perth, Australia and Texas, USA for 4 years. As we shared KYB studies over these years, Sue and I became good friends as we shared not only the joy of the studies, but also everyday events of our lives including her frequent trips to visit her family. It was 2016, and Sue told me that she and her husband had decided to move back to Australia. Sue took a break from her KYBC studies as the time as their shift approached. She was looking forward to doing KYB in person once again.  In 2016, my husband and I accepted a 12-month house sitting position in Bundaberg.  Shortly after this I heard from Sue because she wanted to tell me that they had settled in a house in Bundaberg! What a surprise!  We now keep a coffee date frequently and both feel that we have a long-time friend here in Bundaberg and all because of the wonderful connection God gave us through KYBC.