A year after I moved from China to Australia, I received a scholarship to Wollongong University. Wollongong was new to me, and I needed help to connect to the community. I knew no one in town but I knew church was a place I could go for help. The church I went to was close to where I lived. The first time I went I felt a bit uncomfortable and overwhelmed. At morning teatime, Mum Smith came up to me and introduced herself. This was another significant moment in my Christian life. Later, Mum Smith helped me buy my first Bible, and introduced me to my first bible study group – KYB! I started to attend that church regularly.

After three years of study, I had to think about getting work and I was overwhelmed by this. One day at my KYB bible study, I told the KYB ladies that I was having a very challenging time. One lady said to me, “Shu, remember, God has a plan for you. It might not be something you want but he has a plan.”

I held this promise very close to my heart. It was this promise that delivered me. I started praying  many times each day whenever I felt anxious. I prayed repetitively: God has a plan for me, whatever it could be, it must be the best since he knows better. The prayer brought light into my darkest thoughts and lifted up my spirit. Life seemed a bit easier.

About two months later, one of my friends in Melbourne called me and said his company had a position which he thought should suit me. I applied, and I got it! My interview was done over the phone. It was more like a friendly chat than a job interview.

Through many years of moving house and travelling, our KYB group has offered encouragement, support, strength, love and care during the difficult times of my life. When I struggled with my work situation years ago, KYB studies reminded me, time and time again, to set my eyes on God!  I was in desperate situation in March 2020. When I went to visit my father for Chinese New Year 2020 I was in danger of being stranded there when the coronavirus shutdowns began in China. I asked my husband to call my KYB group leader and ask for prayer. I am extremely blessed for being able to be a member of a KYB group even though I haven’t lived in Melbourne for years. Thanks for God’s plan! And thank you Diana and Marie for your efforts to keep me online. Nothing is hard if it is part of His plan.


Shu joined a Williamstown KYB evening group in 2013. Following a move to Canberra she continued studying with her group via Facetime. Now retired and living in Ulladulla Shu continues to join in via Zoom.

Shu, Ulladulla