Intended for good: KYB for Term 4, 2021

Intended for good – an inspiring conclusion to our four-part series on Genesis. Throughout Genesis we repeatedly see God allow impossible situations and yet find a way to keep the covenant promises he made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob…I will make you into a great nation…I will bless you…I will make your name great…and you will be a blessing (Genesis 12:2).

Joseph’s story is a powerful example of both the sovereignty and providence of God. Perhaps you know how Joseph, a son of Jacob by Rachel, was sold by his jealous brothers into slavery in Egypt. Despite being unjustly imprisoned, isolated and seemingly forgotten, he amazingly rose to be second in command to the Egyptian Pharoah! Here God used Joseph to preserve Jacob’s family during a time of disastrous famine. And despite these testing and trying circumstances God kept His covenant promises – preserving the family and line of Judah through whom the promised blessing would come.

How do you respond to life’s injustices, disappointments or unfulfilled expectations?  Read Genesis 45: 1-9 to see how Joseph viewed history. Joseph’s story is the story of the whole Bible. It’s the story of glory through suffering and exaltation through humiliation. It reminds us that God is working His purpose out as year succeeds to year. God always keeps His promises. Do you need encouragement to trust God today – no matter what! Then Joseph’s story is for you!

What did our pilot group say about Intended for good?

…a powerful agent for change in our lives…another in-depth Biblical character study…encourages us to take everything to God in prayer…because we know that God is with us, through the good times and the bad.

PS: Just as we began this year studying Acts Part 2 with writer Sue Gleeson, so we end the year this year studying the life of Joseph with Sue. But during the year Sue was called home to be with her Lord whom she loved to serve. As a writer of so many inspiring and thought-provoking KYB studies, what a legacy of truth and encouragement she has left behind!

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