Introduction to the KYB study: Ancient prayers for modern people – Prayers of the Old Testament

Know Your Bible (KYB) groups across Australia are excitedly getting ready to start the newest KYB study: Ancient prayers for modern people – Prayers of the Old Testament

This KYB study will look at nine prayers that were prayed by people centuries ago. Each study is designed to help those doing it discover the relevancy of prayer in today’s world and the impact praying can have in developing an ongoing relationship with God.

To help KYB groups doing the study CWCI Australia has added audio and print versions of an Introduction to the Study to their website. The Introduction was prepared and delivered by current CWCI speaker Beth Allison. In her Introduction, Beth says that “heartfelt cries are common to all people of all generations”. She suggests we all want to know more about the existence of God, if he cares, if he hears us and if our prayers will be answered. It is hoped that by the end of this KYB study those doing it will find answers to these questions and more during the term.

Access to the audio and print versions of this Introduction can be found at KYB Introductions – CWCI Australia

KYB groups and CWCI Committees throughout Australia also arrange various in person and online Introductions to each KYB study. At these events speakers will “introduce” the study in a similar way to Beth. Women everywhere are welcome to attend any these events. Being a member of a KYB group is not necessary.  To find out if there is an in person or online KYB Introduction suitable to for you to attend, click Events – CWCI Australia for locations and contact details.

Perhaps you are interested in doing a KYB study?

If you are not already part of a KYB group and would like to do this study here are some of the ways available to you: 

  • join an established group in your local area.
  • connect with one the many online groups meeting regularly.
  • consider doing KYB by Correspondence.


For further information about KYB or other CWCI Australia Ministries please contact our friendly office staff who would be happy to help you.

Robyn Sansbury

Development Director, CWCI Australia, National Management Board