“We were sixty ladies singing our hearts out to the Lord, at six in the morning … it was so refreshing — and quite overwhelming!”

CWCI KYB in New Zealand supports CWCI KYB in Fiji, who recently had their annual weekend away. All the ladies who were at the Fiji KYB Weekend attended the early morning prayer meetings. The praying in groups, crying out to the Lord for Fiji, their families, their church families, for the problems that surround them is a sound I will never forget. 

Our Fiji KYB Coordinator, Akosita Delai has for the past eight years been involved in printing and distributing KYB studies throughout Fiji, visiting and encouraging groups, assisting new groups, doing one on one studies and leading the team that organises weekend events. But it is her focus on prayer and taking every opportunity to encourage ladies to pray that stands out. 

Akosita seeks to make women aware of the importance of praying together for their families, their country and each other. So it was real a joy for her to see all sixty ladies coming together for prayer over the weekend, reflecting their love for the Lord and his word. 

The CWCI KYB in Fiji Annual Weekend Away

As a result of prayer, the ladies were full of anticipation for all that the Lord had prepared for them. The theme for the weekend was “Living the Satisfied Life”, taken from Matthew 5–7, “The Sermon on the Mount”. The beatitudes, being salt and light and the choices we must make to show what it means to follow Jesus were covered by the speakers, Robyn and Lorraine from New Zealand, and Deaconess Lesilo from Fiji, plus Dr Rebecca from NZ, gave two very helpful sessions on ‘Healthy Women of Faith’. 

The weekend ended with the challenge: 

‘God blesses those people who are treated badly for doing right. They belong to the kingdom of heaven. God will bless you when people insult you, mistreat you and tell all kinds of evil lies about you because of me.


 Matthew 5:10–12 As a result of the weekend a number of new KYB groups have begun and some ‘KYB’ women have said that they believe the Lord is leading them to visit groups as encouragers. 

God blesses those people who depend only on Him. They belong to the Kingdom of heaven Matt 5:3 

Lorraine Harvey 

South Pacific Director, CWCI KYB NZ 

CWCI KYB in Fiji is supported by CWCI KYB in NZ in the same way that CWCI in Aus supports the work in Melanesia.