Light at end of tunnel


Years ago, I worked as a Public Servant and most of this was in Centrelink.  While there, I had a period of depression which went on for quite a while.  I’m not sure of the cause of this – maybe it was the stage of life I was in.  It felt as if I could not help being in this situation.  I did not want to be in it but just could not get myself out of it.  At work I was under special supervision and monitoring/discipline for a period of time. I was also offered an opportunity to be allowed to go to some other activity hoping it would help me somehow.  So I sought advice from someone and KYB was a suggestion made to me. So I was very glad that I could go to a KYB group and it did not take long before I went.

It was through being able to go KYB and through going to KYB that my depression left me. I have loved going to KYB and have not stopped going since. 

I also appreciate being able to have Christian fellowship with other Christian women from different denominations to my own. KYB has enabled me to have personal Bible Study in a more self-disciplined way – to an extent I never expected to or intended to reach, becoming a leader as well, due to circumstances. It shows me we never know what God may have in store for us, if we are available. 

Hilde, Tasman Region