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Thank you for your prayers, support and encouragement throughout this year. We wish you a blessed Christmas season.

Learning to meet when we can’t:


Some encouraging stories from different groups as they explore new ways to continue meeting!  

Each Friday I meet with eight intelligent, witty, wise and wonderful women to do KYB studies.  Smart cookies; very capable. However, suggesting we meet on Zoom during the current lockdown period challenged us all in several new ways!

Some had not heard of Zoom until very recently. Some were less tech savvy than others. Most needed help to find Zoom and set it up on their device. All were willing to give it a go. So we set a day to have our first ‘trial and error’ KYB meeting via Zoom. As the host, this was a challenge for me, too, because there are a few things that only the host can do. (Like start the meeting and admit the participants!) 

If you’ve seen any of the Youtube videos about Zoom bloopers, you’ve seen what happened to us on that day! After carefully following the instructions we’d been given (by other, more experienced Zoomers) we finally managed to make it into the Zoom meeting. I say that loosely. Some came in with only video but no sound; others with sound but no video.  One had to adjust her screen so we could see more than her eyebrows. After cutting each other off or not being able to get a word in, we quickly discovered that only one person could speak at a time.  

Advice was flying thick and fast about how to fix this, that or the other.  “Click on this …”. “I haven’t got one of those.” We soon discovered that different devices have their ‘things to click on’ in different places, if they have them at all. Eventually everyone was sorted. 

In between laughing at our own ineptitude, and being called to order by the host, we settled down to enjoy each other’s company. Well, that was the idea, but instead of the spontaneous conversations we normally enjoy, nearly everyone sat staring blankly at their screens like stunned mullets.  No-one was sure what to do next or who should do it first. Eventually we loosened up, stopped trying so hard and managed some worthwhile conversation.  It’s going to take a while to get the hang of it, but we agreed it was worth persevering. So next Friday we’re going to try doing our first Zoom KYB study. Stay tuned for the next exciting episode!

Sue Gleeson

Eastern Region


What a treasure trove we have here. This virus has indeed caused a flood of communication via many new and different means that many of us had not even thought we would ever need to do just a few short weeks ago.

Zoom has become the new norm for me as I interact daily with many different groups of people from prayer groups to Bible study to meetings to organising meetings. The list seems inexhaustible of how we are now using this platform. Zoom is such an appropriate word in our fast paced 21st century world.

I am just so thankful that this virus has hit us at such a time as this where we have so much communication available to us to enable us to encourage others and all the more as we see the day approaching.  

Many things have changed in our lives and the lives of our friends, family and churches but I praise God that His Word never changes.

Isabel O'Neill

Speaker, Sunshine Region

My week is pretty busy with 3 KYB groups plus another lady who comes by herself. Also I will turn 90 next year!

During this shut in time, I have been able to lead two groups on Zoom which has been exciting. I meet with those who cannot join this way one on one by phone so we are not missing out.

Praise the Lord for modern technology and I am thankful for a son living with me who helps me through it all! I’m just thankful to the Lord for being able!

Julie Cochrane

KYB Leader