Inspiring us to grow in Christ

We’ve all been missing the opportunities for in-person events and conferences over the past months. But now, Tropical Region have taken the initiative to run a day conference on Zoom on August 15th! 

Here’s how it’ll work …

Ladies can log on by themselves or some people may choose to gather together in small groups in their homes and log in on the day. There will be two sessions, with a break for morning tea, and an opportunities for discussion and prayer together. And if someone is participating by themselves at home, they will be able to meet online with a small group of other ladies. 

After the session, Speaker Robyn Hair will drop in to each group online to answer questions and pray with them. 

What an encouraging initiative! Please be praying for the organisers as they navigate this new territory, and for all the women who will be blessed by the event.

We look forward to seeing more of these Zoom conferences in future!