Following Jesus: The Gospel of Mark
December 1, 2021

Following Jesus: The Gospel of Mark

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Passage: Mark
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2022, Term 1

KYB in its year of Jubilee starts with an inspiring look at Mark’s gospel. A fast-paced and warmly engaging historical account of the life of Jesus, Mark’s gospel focuses on themes drawn from Jesus’ teaching rather than a strict chronological account of events. Mark wanted his readers to know exactly who Jesus is and respond to him. He wanted more than just amazement at the wonderful things Jesus did. He wanted them to believe in Jesus – the Messiah, the Son of God, the Saviour of the world!

The Speaker of this Introduction, Marge Hanna has very kindly create some worksheets for use with the Introduction. You may like to print these off to use as you listen.

Suggestions for the use of Introductory Worksheets

For use with the recorded audio Introduction (download audio introduction) and Introduction notes (download Introduction notes):

  • To provide a permanent record of the Introduction we have listened to
  • To provide productive occupation for eyes and hands as we listen
  • To aid concentration and retention of the content of the Introduction
  • There are two versions of the Worksheets

Introductory work notes purpose:

For use with the recorded audio Introduction:

  • For use alongside the audio Introduction for those who don’t like filling in worksheets
  • A resource for those with no on-line access, or just while we have no face-to-face groups meeting
  • View below, or download notes

Using the worksheet resources:

KYB 2022T1 Mark Notes

KYB 2022T1 Mark Blank Worksheet

KYB 2022T1 Mark Worksheet with answers

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