It becomes an encouragement to others when we open up and allow others into our lives to see our struggles and joys.

For the last few years, I have been blessed to be included in a weekly KYB study group via an electronic device app called Discord, led by our Flying Padre’s wife, Jennie Shrimpton. (We were using technology for KYB long before COVID times!) And to describe my experience, ‘blessed’ is an understatement.

My closest church is 200km away, and I have not attended a church regularly since moving to Pan Ban Station eleven years ago. Logging on and joining a beautiful bunch of ladies every Wednesday night has been my regular church, support and fellowship. It has also given me an opportunity to learn and grow spiritually.

Although we are not majorly isolated, our community is spiritually dry and it is a challenge to seek out opportunities to share God’s word and serve others (for me, anyhow!). When our Leader, Jennie, prompted us each to consider starting our own KYB group, I couldn’t get the idea out of my head. Although it took me some time to act on it, I knew of women that would want to join. Finally, with some more gentle prodding and encouragement, I ordered the books and roped in some wonderful, God fearing ladies.

We have been meeting together for a few months now. To begin with, our discussion was minimal, and we spent time getting to know each other. (I already knew each lady, but some of them were complete strangers to each other!)

As time has gone on, we are much more relaxed and have deep discussions. This has been the first time I’ve led a group, and so I had — and still have — much to learn! The girls make it easy, though. They are gracious and very accepting of my mistakes and blunders.

I made the decision that if I was to lead and encourage sharing, then I should be comfortable with and start the sharing. It becomes an encouragement to others when we open up and allow others into our lives to see our struggles and joys.

I was once very uncomfortable praying in a group, but since leading the group, I have improved my skills and I now love to pray for the women at the conclusion of the study and lift them up for the week ahead.

Clancy Griffiths

KYB Leader, Far West NSW, East Central Plains Region

How has leading or being part of a KYB Group been a blessing to you? Share in the comments below!