Celebrating 40 years of KYB by Correspondence

During 2023 we have shared several inspiring stories from students and mentors who do KYB by Correspondence. This month, Rebecca shares her 10-year journey as a KYBC student.

Rebecca writes:

I have been studying the Bible through KYB by Correspondence for about 10 years and my current “teacher” is from Bega. Prior to starting KYBC I attended KYB classes at Revesby Congregational Church. The reason I changed to KYBC is that I returned to full-time paid employment and could not attend the face-to-face classes. This meant I could keep up a good thing despite my changed circumstances! The “teachers” that I have been provided with, by KYBC, have been fantastic and so encouraging. I choose to write down my answers on paper and to send it by snail-mail as I am on the computer all day at work, and it is great to have a break from computers.

Both KYBC and KYB have helped me immensely in terms of discipline in studying God’s word regularly. It has provided the means for me to have “good medicine” to take care of my spiritual health. Time and again God has used his word to speak to my heart and my mind in specific ways and through the questions that have been asked in the study notes. Often, I would be prompted, by God’s Spirit, to do my lesson and it was as if God knew exactly what I needed for that specific day and/or season. Mind blowing and heart changing!

I have been through a season of cancer treatment and even when I had chemo-brain I could still comprehend and gain from the study notes and questions. I thank our Lord Jesus Christ for the dedicated and obedient sisters who have served him and are still serving him through KYB C and KYB.

Rebecca’s story is a wonderful example of how doing KYB by Correspondence can be helpful in any season of life.  Perhaps her story has encouraged you to consider trying KYB in this format.  If so, then please contact our friendly CWCI Australia office staff at asoho@cwciaus.org.au for more information on how you can do KYB studies by correspondence. 

Rebecca - KYB by Correspondence student