In celebration of KYB 50 years


Grateful we are for KYB;

Let me share what it means to me.

Of the 50 years that we celebrate

I have 45 (I was five years late).

I have come to know my favourite Book,

A little each day is what it took.

When I first joined I was the youngest there,

But over the years it’s been great to share

Different groups of different ages

All helped me through my various stages.

The crèche was there when my children were young;

I appreciated the Mums I was among.

When the children were all at school

The Bible was still my favourite tool.

From group member to leader I progressed

As I continued to study the Book I love best.

I was asked a few groups to coordinate

In my local area of the state.

When I went back to work and had to quit,

Correspondence KYB the spot did hit.

My correspondence tutor, now 97

Has blessed many women on their way to heaven.

I became a tutor myself to women far and wide.

The Bible has been my constant guide.

Back in a group now for many years

I have shared with women in laughter and tears.

Then to be Distributor I was asked;

My family helped me with that task.

Now on the Regional Board I am able

To bring all my experience to the table.

With grateful thanks to KYB

And what the Lord has done for me.

Heather, Southern Region