Bible study on social media?

Many of us use Facebook for all sorts of reasons, but in these times it could also be a great resource to run a KYB group!

Some ideas:

Facebook groups work well in keeping members connected and interacting during the week. Posting regularly and asking a question so there is something to discuss will help group members feel the interaction.

You might like to consider making posts with a question from each Day’s KYB reading and something to share or discuss. This may make it easier to ‘meet’ via telephone or video calling and work through the questions.

Facebook’s messenger feature also allows group video calling as well as instant messaging, which some KYB groups have also been using.   

Please note: We strongly recommend you make a ‘Private’ group if you expect anything personal such as anecdotes, testimonies or prayer points may be shared. 

We’d love to hear about your experiences and what your KYB group is doing!

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This is a step-by-step tutorial on setting up and using a Facebook group online.

Best for: Beginners and anyone wanting to learn more about group settings.

Below is an online article with some helpful hints about setting up a Facebook group to facilitate fellowship.

Best for: More experienced Facebook users.